12spark Ventures


Welcome to 12spark: A young and independent consulting company that helps start-up executives and potential technology investors.

12spark provides a framework of knowledge, funding and network to enable entrepreneurs and start-ups to bring their innovative ideas to the market. In addition, we help investors to participate in those companies without the tech. complexity and with full transparency.

We design and participate in new and innovative software concepts for the web, mobile apps and other online media platforms.
Leveraging our knowledge in the global information technology marketplace, we participate primarily in European-based companies with products and services for a global market.

If you are interested in participating in our projects or using our services, please contact us and we can talk about the possibilities in your specific situation.


Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you an investor?

More Concept design More Our portfolio of investment opportunities
More Prototype creation More Consultancy and expertise
More Market Strategies and Validation More Portfolio management services
More Preparation for Funding More  Business Model growth simulation
More Up scaling and Venture launch    



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